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Our Story

One "Dry Clean Only" tag too many and BAM, Beach Road was born.

Stage 1: We don't like dry cleaning. 

We grew up near the city of Boston and frequently went to Martha's Vineyard. For years, as kids, we played at the foot of the lighthouse, went swimming, and grabbed our towels to dry off. Once we were the parents, we thought to bring a beach blanket - what a great idea! Except the first time we EVER used it, one of our daughters spilled food and juice all over it. When we went to wash the blanket at home, it said DRY CLEAN ONLY. $30 later we were WAY too afraid to take that blanket out ever again, we couldn't afford it. Then it hit us - machine wash, style in a gift-able pouch. Beach Road Designs was born. 
Stage 2: Can it be stylish and kid-proof? Yep. 
We came up with the idea to create an easy-to-clean, XL size, sand-resistant, durable beach sheet that our three children could play on. We wanted style and function and launched our first designs in the summer of 2012 - we haven't looked back since.

Stage 3: Perfecting the Beach Sheet.
Our beach sheets are a 6 ft. x 6 ft. XL size sheet made from 100% heavy-weight cotton. The sand-resistant sheets come in a rainbow of bright, beach-inspired colors and designs to suit any sunshine lover. After the sun sets and you get home, clean off your sheets by throwing them in the laundry with your towels and bathing suits. Easy-to-wash, durable and perfect for your claiming your spot under the sun.

We'd love to see where you take your Beach Road #beachsheet! Post your photos and tag @beachroaddesigns #beachsheet for a chance to be featured.