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Jelly Fish Beach Sheet

$ 49.00

Beautiful yet silently mysteriously, these Jellyfish don't sting, so lay down and grab yourself some vitamin D at the local sea!  Our durable yet light weight, super packable and travel friendly beach sheets will be the best beach accessory for you to buy since sunscreen was invented.  Beach Sheets spread out like a beach blanket, dry quick, and allow for you to just shake the sand off at the end of the day.  Save your towel for drying off, and your blanket of sleeping, beach sheets will pack up smaller than a towel and not take up extra space in your beach bag.

• 100% Sand-Resistant Heavyweight Cotton 
• Machine Washable & Dryer Safe
• Colorful Beach-Inspired Design 
• Extra Large 6 ft. x 6 ft. Size
• Travel Friendly, Durable and Light

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